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Running ElasticSearch as a Service on Windows 2008 x64

I think I first started using Apache Lucene for full-text indexing as part of NHibernate Search. At some point I decided I needed more control and did my own indexing using Lucene directly. Now, it seems the easiest approach is to make use of a packaged up search service and so I’ve been looking at ElasticSearch. So far, I’m very happy with it – it’s doing everything it say’s on the box and lets me offload all the full-text indexing and search functionality.

The only issue I’ve come across is trying to run it as a service on 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 2008. While there is a service-wrapper available it just wasn’t working for me and I think the x64 platform may be part of that as there was only a elasticsearch-windows-x86-32.exe included, no elasticsearch-windows-x86-64.exe. This service wrapper seems to be based off a product that doesn’t appear to have a free community edition for 64-bit Windows.

So, I had a hunt around for ‘how to run a Java app as a Windows Service’ and came across the Apache Commons Daemon or ‘procrun‘. This worked so I thought I’d share it here in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing.


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Limit MongoDB memory use on Windows without Virtualization

I’ve seen the question of how to control MongoDB’s memory usage on Windows come up several times and the stock answer always seemed to be “you can’t – it uses memory-mapped files and if you want to limit resources you need to use some form of virtualization to do it (HyperV, VMWare, Virtuozzo etc…)”.

If you are using MongoDB on a dedicated server then you generally want it to use all the memory it can but if you want to use it on a server shared with other processes (e.g. an IIS website using MongoDB for storage, maybe with SQL Server as well) then you will want to put a cap on how much it uses to ensure memory is kept available for the other processes.

So is it possible if you are not on a virtualized environment? Yes (otherwise this would be a very short blog post!) and we’ll explore how …

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Use Aliases to develop against SQL Server on different machines


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Running .NET Apps in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows

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