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Access Firebase Database and Authenticated User Accounts Using Go

No Firebase Admin SDK for Go? No Problem ...

Firebase is great and makes serverless apps very easy to spin up but there’s always going to be times you need to access the Firebase data and / or user accounts from your server code (e.g. to sync accounts with a legacy system while we move to a Firebase auth enabled client).

There is an Official Admin SDK for Node.js, Java and Python but not all of them support user administration and poor Go doesn’t even get a mention (sad face).

But it turns out, we don’t need an official Firebase SDK for Go to be able to access the database and / or manage user accounts - all the packages to do it are already available and it’s very easy to use.

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How to access Firebase from Go ...

Angular2 Route Security

Restricting access based on auth state or roles

Once you move beyond the quick-starts and examples and start building a real app with Angular2 you soon find you need to handle things that the examples often leave out or pass over.

Securing routes with the new component router is one of these and it can be difficult to figure out. Here’s the approach I’m using which seems to be working well for me and has been reusable across multiple projects.

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