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Building a Micro Startup Part 2: Design & Prototyping

Picking the right technologies

One of the mistakes I saw a lot of when Agile was taking off as “the hot-new thing” was people declaring that they didn’t need to do design anymore. Of course there was no big-upfront design - the kind from the waterfall days where people first analyzed and designed a system in full before punting it to the next team to build (which rarely worked out well) but some planning and design is important, even if you’re just creating a small hobby project.

Part of the process should often involve prototyping to help decide or prove which technologies you’re going to use as these will also factor in to the design of the app. It also gives you an opportunity to kick-the-tires of some technologies if they are things you haven’t used much before prior to building too many things around them. Making late-stage switches can be costly.

This isn’t going to be an exhaustive comparison of every possible client-side framework, storage technology or hosting option. Of course I have some technology choices in my head before I even begin based on my current skillset and experience (isn’t it an amazing coincidence that the “best” technology to build any app with is always the one the developer likes to use?!) But I’ll try to go through the reasoning behind some of the choices I came up with.

go golang firebase appengine polymer web-components

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AppEngine Applications - Doing the Math

How much does it cost to run a cloud app on AppEngine?

So for various reasons I decided to write my own blog engine and because I think AppEngine is such a fantastic platform (especially for hosting multi-tenanted apps) that is what the initial runtime implementation uses.

I now have a few blogs setup which demonstrate the multi-tenancy working so I thought it was a good point to do some back-of-the-envelope math to figure out how much it would cost to host or how many blogs I could host for any given price.

Remember - one of my motivations for doing this is that I’m too cheap to pay for someone else to host my blog and I also want to host blogs for friends and family without ending up on the endless treadmill of maintaining servers, database backups and WordPress plugins.

So how’s it looking so far?

appengine paas blogserve

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AppEngine, PaaS, Still Ahead of it's Time

Don't ignore it because it's old

I’m an avid user of AppEngine and just discovered that it turns 9 years old this week.

9 years! That’s almost as close to infinity in Internet Time as you can get without tearing a hole in the fabric of the universe.

The amazing thing is that despite its age it’s still way ahead of it’s time in many ways and I think that is why it doesn’t get as much attention and fanfare as it really deserves. I remember the first time I came across it I didn’t really “get” what it would do for me so it was a couple of more years before I switched to it.

So in case you don’t know, here are some reminders of why it’s so brilliant …

appengine paas

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