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Increase Adsense Revenue with Prebid.js Header Bidding & Dfp

Creating more competition is a win-win when it comes to ads

Whether you put ads on a blog to earn a full time income as a blogger or use them to help offset the hosting costs of a community forum, it makes sense to maximize whatever revenue you can from the space you give up to ads.

Many people’s first (and only) experience of generating passive website income with ads is via Adsense and it’s a great system - you add some code snippets to your pages, ads show up to visitors and, if you have sufficient traffic to generate enough views and clicks on them, Google pays you some money each month. If you work hard at SEO to promote your site then it can contribute to the hosting costs or even generate a decent income.

make more money

So what if you could generate additional income on top of what Adsense was paying and at the same time, increase what Adsense was paying each month? It almost sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. Here’s how …

dfp adsense

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