Box Shot 3D - or 'do one thing and do it well !'

Photoshop is an amazing program.¬†You can do anything with it … if ‘you’ are a photoshop expert of course. I am not. So, when I found myself wanting to spruce up a website and include some nice product box displays and screeshots that were more than just flat screen captures I trawled through the countless tutorials and ‘how to’ instructions on how to work magic with Photoshop to create such a masterpiece (because I am a software developer and not a graphic designer or marketing maestro). Read On →

Running .NET Apps in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows

The normal behavior for .NET 2.0 applications compiled with the default ‘Any CPU’ platform is to run as 32-bit on x86 (32-bit) Windows and as 64-bit on x64 (64-bit) Windows. Occasionally, some apps won’t run correctly - I’ve recently run into this with CCNetConfig (a CruiseControl.NET Configuration tool) and have seen it before with other tools. Another obscure scenario where it shows up is if you try to use the JET OleDB driver which will fail in 64-bit mode because there isn’t one! Read On →