About Me

Who is Captain Codeman? Well, my not-too-secret real identity is Simon Green and I’m a software developer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My family and I moved to Canada from Manchester, England in 2007 and we’re thoroughly enjoying our new life here.

I used to live in the Microsoft ecosystem and was all “certified” up as an MCSD, MCDBA and MCSE but I became disillusioned with the platform and the company and as I worked increasingly with the cloud I found the .NET platform became more of a hindrance than a help - making hosting more expensive and limiting my options.

So I switched to using Python for a couple of years and learning new approaches was definitely valuable. I’ve recently discovered Go (Golang) and now most of my backend work is done with that - it is the nicest language I’ve used and also provdes incredible performance and easy deployment. IMO it is the perfect tool for developing cloud applications and Google App Engine the perfect host for it.

I’m always interested in learning new techniques to develop better software and like to explore new technologies such as NoSQL when that came out and have been an early adopter of Angular2. I like architecture to be clean and well designed and follow best practices whenever possible - not always easy to do but hugely valuable if you can.